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Roman Catholic Parish


The first Eucharist celebration of the Steinbach Catholic Community was held on Pentecost Sunday, June 7, 1981. For the following first year we held monthly celebrations and then weekly celebrations. During that formative period our home was the United Church of Steinbach. We enjoyed a very sharing, open, and encouraging relationship with the United Church during this very important phase of our gathering.

The Steinbach Catholic Community started as a gathering of families and individuals who had moved to the area up to that time, of English language worshippers from surrounding communities, of people who were worshipping with other Christian churches, and more importantly of people who did not belong to a worshipping community. A small group who worshipped in Ste. Anne took it upon themselves to tabulate a list of individuals who had a Catholic background. This effort identified over 100 family units where one or both spouses were Catholic. Most sensed a void because they did not worship regularly, or because they worshipped outside the community in which they lived or in which they had traditionally worshipped. This was a gathering of people who did not know each other personally.

With the encouragement of the Archbishop of Saint Boniface, Antoine Hacault, and the Pastors of Sainte Anne Parish the community consolidated, matured, and grew. We dedicated our new church on May 29, 1988 to the name of “Christ Our Saviour”. lt had been in use only since January of 1988. Some 200 families report “Christ Our Saviour” as their home parish.

September 25, 1996